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How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea by Kate Hosford

Activities the Queen most certainly does not do: strenuous kitty snuggling, vigorous soccer dribbling, spirited dancing, making tea. Until one day, she grows dissatisfied with the tea her butler has prepared, and a culinary and cross-cultural hot air balloon adventure begins.

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Feeding the Flying Fanellis by Kate Hosford

What do you feed a trapeze family to keep them up in the air? A fire eater with a penchant for hot sauce? Or a lion with a gourmet palate? How do you satisfy a sweet-toothed human cannonball who’s outgrowing his cannon?

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When I looked up, I shivered.
How many stars were in the sky?
A million? A billion?
Maybe the number was as big as infinity.
I started to feel very, very small.
How could I even think of something as big as infinity?

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Annabelle was tired
of birthdays at the zoo.
She yawned at the monkeys
and the baby kangaroo.

My birthday is soon.
It’s practically here.
I think I’ll have a party
on the moon this year.

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Ponytails and braids!
Ponytails and braids!
I don’t see anything but
ponytails and braids!

This class needs some fashion.
This class needs some fun.
I’ll find a hairdo to impress

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