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Infinity and Me Audio Book

-+*I just got the Live Oak Media CD of Infinity and Me. The music and the narrator are amazing, and I love the packaging as well!                


P.S.154 in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

-+*I had four great second grade visits at P.S.154 in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn last week. The kids invented their own infinity symbols out of pipe cleaners and gave them great names like the ‘Pretzel-Wetzel’ and the ‘Twisteroo’. And every student believed that idea of love can last forever. That made my week.


Hillsborough Children’s Book Festival

-+*Hillsborough is wonderfully diverse community in New Jersey full of book lovers. The day flew by. I enjoyed making infinity symbol glasses with the kids who visited my table. Now they all know that the fancy word for ‘infinity symbol is ‘lemniscate’.  


Explore Charter School’s ABC Day

-+*I just presented at this school for their author’s day. The kids are really amazing, and are so interested in books. When I asked whether they knew a word for the infinity symbol that begins with ‘l’, one boy said ‘lopsided eight’-awesome! I like it even more than lemniscate.  


Author’s visit at Montessori at Flatiron

-+*On November 14th, Books of Wonder arranged for me to read INFINITY AND ME at the Montessori at Flatiron. The students and I made infinity symbols out of pipe cleaners. Thanks to Siri Panday, the director of education, and Shay McClean, the special events coordinator at Books of Wonder for organizing this wonderful event.


The Texas Book Festival

-+*I got the psychic message from Patricia Stone’s first grade class at Doss Elementary that I was meant to wear orange to my presentation at the Texas Book Festival. These kids introduced me at the festival with an acrostic poem about infinity. It was fantastic. I also got to meet Sherman Alexie!       […]


Reading Rock Stars Visit at Ortega Elementary School

-+*As part of the Texas Book Festival, I visited Ortega Elementary School and talked about infinity with fourth and fifth graders. Before my visit, the fourth graders had made pictures of bouffants, using colors and patterns like Holly Clifton Brown does in BIG BOUFFANT and had also created portraits that look at each other, like […]


The Society of Illustrator’s Original Art Show

-+*The Society of Illustrator’s Original Art Show; here I am next to the infinite number spread from Infinity and Me.


Bank Street College Irma Black Award and Cook Prize Ceremony

-+*Infinity and Me is a Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year!


The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

-+*The gorgeous art room at the Eric Carle museum. The room filled up with kids and parents, all making art. The event itself included around sixty people, including Anna Drury, her boyfriend Greg, Eric Pinder, and my parents.