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Hillsborough Children’s Book Festival

-+*Hillsborough is wonderfully diverse community in New Jersey full of book lovers. The day flew by. I enjoyed making infinity symbol glasses with the kids who visited my table. Now they all know that the fancy word for ‘infinity symbol is ‘lemniscate’.  


The Texas Book Festival

-+*I got the psychic message from Patricia Stone’s first grade class at Doss Elementary that I was meant to wear orange to my presentation at the Texas Book Festival. These kids introduced me at the festival with an acrostic poem about infinity. It was fantastic. I also got to meet Sherman Alexie!       […]


Princeton Book Festival

-+*The Princeton Book Festival was a blast! I loved meeting Dar Hosta, hanging out with Brooklyn author friends Melissa Iwai, Denis Markell and Michelle Knudsen, and talking to Fiona Robinson, David Gordon, Paul Zelinsky, and Leonard S. Marcus. Thanks organizer Allison Santos, for making it such a memorable event.


Brooklyn Book Fair

-+*The Brooklyn Book Fair was on Saturday at The Brooklyn Museum. Here I am with a couple of big readers.


Book Expo America

-+*I was lucky enough to do a podcast at Book Expo America in May. The interview is also posted on BookExpo Authors Studio and on Authors On Tour-Live! Podcast by Kate Hosford at BEA