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Skype visit with the Village School of North Bennington

-+*These second and third grade girls showed up to the visit wearing bouffants! They made my first Skype visit great. We talked about bouffants, infinity, the writing process, and compared final art work and the Infinity and Me book dummy, I’m always bowled over by how visually astute kids are.


Reading Rock Stars Visit at Ortega Elementary School

-+*As part of the Texas Book Festival, I visited Ortega Elementary School and talked about infinity with fourth and fifth graders. Before my visit, the fourth graders had made pictures of bouffants, using colors and patterns like Holly Clifton Brown does in BIG BOUFFANT and had also created portraits that look at each other, like […]


Park Slope Playhouse Second Annual Big Bouffant Day

-+*Who says you can’t garden while wearing a butterfly bouffant? These pre-schoolers from the Park Slope Playhouse can. Melissa Friedman and I teamed up as an author/hair stylist duo for the second annual BIG BOUFFANT reading, followed by a butterfly bouffanting extravaganza. (This was the culmination of a unit on metamorphosis.) Thanks to Margaret Walenga, […]


Making Your Own Bouffant

-+*Bouffanting (if I may invent a verb), is also great activity to do with friends and family. There are many different ways to go about making a bouffant, but here is the way that Adeleen’s mother Johanne did it. (Check out the video of Adeleen above.) Only a Parisienne could come up with something so […]

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Big Bouffant Birthday Party Evite

-+*Have you ever considered having your own Big Bouffant birthday party? Here is an evite that you can download and use.


Classroom Visits

-+*I have started doing some classroom visits. Last week, I read Big Bouffant to Ms. Patel’s fourth graders at the Berkeley Carroll School, and then talked to them about the writing process. One girl quoted her third grade teacher who had said, “a story is like a meal, and you don’t want to pull the […]


Four Year Old Sophie Reading Big Bouffant



Barnes & Noble

-+*I did a book signing and hair party at the Barnes and Noble on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Children got hair-dos afterwards, and a good time was had by all.  Special thanks to my friend, Kristin Mensing for making the hairdos, and to Sara Duston, the Community Relations Manager at the store.


The Reading Bug

-+*The final event I did in California was at The Reading Bug, a gorgeous bookstore in San Carlos, California. The store hosted a day of beauty, and girls came in costume and did their hair and nails. Thanks to Lauren and Diane for making the event such a success.



-+*I did a signing at the wonderful Hicklebee’s in San Jose. This bookstore has a tradition of letting authors and illustrators sign its walls. The bathrooms are spectacular! I really enjoyed getting a chance to talk to Valerie and Monica, the sister who have run Hicklebee’s for thirty-two years. Here are pictures of the walls, and a couple […]