Infinity Quotations from Children

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What Children Have to Say About Infinity


“A number that no one can believe. Infinity is no one can count it.”


What is infinity?

“It’s an expression that means a number that goes on forever.”

“Sort of like a number that tells you that it goes on and on.”

“The highest number.”

“You never get to that number.”

“Infinity is everything. Infinity is God, and he made everything.”


What is infinity?

“Infinity is a made-up number that is supposed to be the last number, but it isn’t really the last number because numbers go on and on.”

“A number that just keeps going, never stopping.”

“A number.  It’s an expression that means ‘goes on and on and on.’”

“It’s a very high number but it’s not really a number.  Nobody knows what number.”

“Infinity is when you ask what’s outside of a galaxy, and then outside of that, and on and on.”

“Infinity is a place where I can’t stop counting.”

“If you start counting to infinity, you will die and you will still be counting.”

Can you imagine an infinite situation?

“Infinity is on earth because new people keep being born.”

“The never-ending school year.”

“A thought that never ends.”

“Infinity is a book that will never end.” (Second grade)

“Aliens that go around in circles forever.”

“A dog that has a tail that never ends.”

“The kids in Peter Pan live forever in Never Never Land and at the end they fly upwards forever.”

“A journey around the earth on a plane that goes on forever.”

“Infinity is boys playing football.  Boys never stop playing football.”

Other thoughts from second graders:

“All other numbers have a pair, like one has negative one and two has negative two, but with infinity, infinity and negative infinity are the same thing.”


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“Infinity is like someone walking and never gets sore or tired. Or a cat that eats forever and never needs to use the bathroom.”

“Infinity is some type of idea like a pencil sharpener that makes pencils longer and longer.”

“Infinity is a flower that never stops growing. It grows and grows and grow and grows but just never stops growing so all future people can see it.”

“Infinity is a giant cherry that never stops growing.”

“Infinity is a like a recipe because a recipe can be passed on to another to another.”

“A bug that never stops working or flying.”

“Infinity is like pi (3.141592652594) because pi has lots of numbers after the decimal point that go on forever.”

“Infinity is like space because space will last forever and never go away.”

“Infinity is people who work 24/7.”

“Infinity is a crash landing space craft that never crashes.”

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“ Infinity is long hair that does not stop.”

“Infinity is some long hair that you have to brush on and on and on. You have to brush all day, and it grows as you brush it.”

“I think [Infinity] is how many sides a circle has and how many lines of symmetry a circle has.”

“I think infinity is air. I think infinity is the universe. I’m thinking of infinity as a circle.”

“Infinity reminds me of a worm hole because they take you far into space, but no matter how far a worm hole takes you, you’re never at the end of space.”

“I think infinity is a word not a number because if you try and count to or do infinity it does not work so it’s a word that means ‘never ending.’”

“Infinity is a hard word to think about. I think of it as a number that you can never reach as far as you can ever count. It goes far out because it can never ever end. It is infinity.”

“Infinity to me is like a tree that never stops growing or like how time never stops especially things that pretty much go on forever and ever.”

“I think that infinity means time that goes on forever so I think of time as infinity. Infinity goes on forever and it seems like the universe does too.”

“I think infinity means, ‘if you said I could have as many ice cream cones as I wanted, how many would I eat.’”

“I think infinity means how many parallel dimensions there are.”

“When I think about infinity, I get the feeling that I am being warped into another universe. To make it all simple, it makes me confused.”

“What I think about infinity is the number pie this pie=3.141526349292649320492636 and it keeps going.”


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“Infinity’s twin is a spiral.”

“Infinity is a sheep with glasses.”  (Because a sheep with glasses doesn’t make sense, and neither does infinity.”)

“Infinity is a family.”

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“Infinity is a concept people have dreamed up to try to help them understand it. But to really try to concentrate on it is really hard. For example, try to imagine space going on forever.”


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“What is the biggest number you can think of? NOT BIG ENOUGH. Add 1. Do it again. And again. And again. And again. …ONE MORE TIME.

“Smoke goes up, rain goes down, but infinity goes not up nor down, it goes on and on and on.”

“The Demon has hid infinity and misled those who seek it with foolish interpretations.”

Children at St. Nicks Alliance Family Preservation Project

photo 5_1“Infinity is God’s spirit.”

“Infinity is counting by ten forever.”

“A unicorn whose reflection goes on forever.”

“Infinity is the longest snake in the world.” [with no head or tail, just a middle]

Parents at St. Nicks Alliance Family Preservation Project

“Infinity is the amount of heels that one woman can have!”

“Infinity is a door. When you open it, you can go through time and space forever.”